Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • (Parent Story) Conscious Parenting and Big Families

    • (Parent Story) Facing with Parent Guilt

    • (Guided Meditation) Learning to Pause with Amy Phoenix

    • (Guided Meditation PDF) A Simple Pause with Amy Phoenix

    • (Learning) The Link Between Delinquency and Parenting with George Davis, MD

    • (Learning) How to Deal with Irritable and Defiant Children with Robbyn Peters Bennett, LPC

    • (Learning) Giving Up Fear Based Fathering with Chazz Lewis

    • (Movement) Stretching

    • (Article PDF) This Hurts Me More Than It Hurts You by Rebecca Eanes (PDF)

  2. 2
    • (Parent Story) The Second Time Around without Physical Punishment

    • (Parent Story) Dealing with Trauma and Finding Community

    • (Guided Meditation) Straw Breath with Amy Phoenix

    • (Guided Meditation PDF) 5 Heart-Centered Practices for Managing Anger Lori Petro

    • (Learning) How to Support Learning During Stressful Times with Dr. Erin Hambrick

    • (Learning) Why Kids Regress: Understanding Child Development with Sarah MacLaughlin

    • (Learning) Building Lifelong Relationships with Our Children with DJ Johnson

    • (Movement) Child's Pose with Roxy Sewell

  3. 3
    • (Parent Story) Single Parenting Kids with Special Needs

    • (Parent Story) Setting Boundaries with Family

    • (Guided Meditation) Deep Rest with Amy Phoenix

    • (Guided Meditation PDF) Deep Rest with Amy Phoenix

    • (Learning) When Siblings Hit: Setting Limits that Nurture Empathy with Laura Markham, PhD

    • (Learning) Tired of Nagging? Untigering to Parent the Next Generation with Iris Chen

    • (Learning) Safety, Sensory & Self-Regulation with Greg Santucci

    • (Learning) Supporting Moral Development and Being a Safe Parent with Vivek Patel

    • (Movement) Stretching on Your Knees with Roxy Sewell

    • (Article) Sensory Processing: What Parents Should Know Tinsley Martin

  4. 4
    • (Parent Story) A Dad's Perspective

    • (Parent Story) Parenting Neurodiverse Children

    • (Guided Meditation) Self Compassion and Care with Amy Phoenix (8 minutes)

    • (Guided Meditation PDF) Self Compassion with Amy Phoenix

    • (Learning) Parenting that Promotes Communities of Care with Yolanda Williams

    • (Learning) Feeling Overwhelmed with Your Toddler's Energy? with Devon Kuntzman

    • (Learning) What Grumpy Kids Need with Sheena Hill

    • (Movement) Sitting and Stretching with Roxy Sewell

    • (Article) Teaching Young Children How To Manage Anger, Aggression, and FeaR Araiadne Brill

  5. 5
    • (Parent Story) What Peaceful Parenting Looks Like In My House

    • (Guided Meditation) When Meditation is Challenging with Amy Phoenix (9 minutes)

    • (Guided Meditation PDF) When Meditation is Challenging with Amy Phoenix

    • (Learning) Reparenting Ourselves for Liberation with Leslie Priscilla

    • (Learning) Are Kids Self-Centered? with Heather Bernt-Santy

    • (Learning) Communicating with Neurodiverse Kids & Teens with Lori Petro

    • (Learning) Identifying and Working Through Parenting Triggers with Lynyetta Willis

    • (Movement) Pranayama

    • (Article) 4 Powerful Action Steps to Tackle Your Parenting Triggers Lynyetta Willis